Five tips to improve communication in the workplace
February 5, 2020
Communicating with your digital employees
March 12, 2020

How to improve corporate communication

Ever heard “effective communication holds the key to every business’ success”?

It is for this reason that experts are always looking for ways to enhance how people communicate in the workplace.

Video content is one of the most commonly used means of communication in the corporate world.

It’s used to enlighten and educate employees which again comes in handy in improving their efficiency.

Cisco Systems projects that video content will contribute to more than 82% of all consumer traffic by the year 2020.

This translates to around 1 million minutes worth of video content shared per second.

It is interesting to note how the corporate world uses video content to showcase their expertise and innovativeness.

Are you looking to promote effective organisational communication in your company?

Here are a few tips and ways to make it happen.

1. Create quality content

Quality content beats all when it comes to effective communication.

Whatever message you wish to convey, it needs to be concise, clear, and easy to understand.

Whether conversing with a colleague, creating a promotional video clip, or sending an email to multiple recipients, the message and intention need to be clear.

This makes it easier for the other person to understand the message well.

2. Non-verbal communication matters

You don’t have to use verbal communication to be understood.

There are instances/times when non-verbal communication is required.

According to the mental development experts at Act Now Hypnosis, body language and simple signage come in handy in the workplace. “One should be able to say something to a colleague without having to open his/her mouth. Non-verbal cues can come in handy in one-on-one situations, small groups and during meetings with different implications for the people you’re trying to communicate with.”
3. Encourage one-on-one communication

Many organisations use email as the primary means of communication.

Although it might be useful, electronic communication doesn’t encourage positive relationships in the workplace, and especially between colleagues.

It’s easier for one to misinterpret a message sent electronically than if it was conveyed through verbal communication.

Encouraging one-on-one conversation means no one will misinterpret a message. This is because everyone can interpret non-verbal gestures and facial expressions when one is talking.

One-on-one communication also makes it easier for each party to understand well, and ask questions where they don’t understand.

4. Don’t forget about the feedbacks

One-way communication isn’t the way to go for any business.

That said, your employees need to know that their thoughts and opinions are valued in the organisation.

According to the organisational health coaching experts at Wellbeing Health Retreats, make it possible for members of staff to ask questions, air their views, or input on a crucial matter.

“You can do this by encouraging them to ask questions or say what they think about a particular policy or idea. You will be surprised at the input some of the employees might have. Employee feedback can help you make better decisions and even create a friendly working environment.”

5. Visual communication

Different forms of communication have to be used to ensure effective corporate communication.

There are instances when words only may not drive the message home, which is why video content, charts, and images come in handy.

These forms of visual communication make it easier to demonstrate various aspects of the business and can be used in training.

Images, charts, and video provide an eye-catching and attractive way to communicate.

A survey conducted and published by Forbes shows that 59% of all consumers prefer video content as compared to written text.

This is because videos are much easier to understand, smoother, and convey the message faster.

Ready to boost your corporate communication?

The tips mentioned above play a crucial role in enhancing effective corporate communication.

They are simple and with a little effort can yield great results for your business and employees.

Happy employees are more productive, more loyal and will increase your profits.

Looking for the right words to communicate in your corporate environment? Get in touch with Wordwallah today.
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