by appointment to the public and corporate sectors
Based in Sydney, Australia, wordwallah is a preferred supplier to over sixty federal and state government departments and agencies.
Blue-chip corporations
Wordwallahsupplies editorial and content writing services to blue-chip corporations, in sectors such as finance, training, publishing, law, medical and health, and science.Whether you need contract editorial staff on an on-going basis or for small one-off projects – we provide a one-stop, professional solution.
A team of experienced professionals
Founded in 2003 by corporate communications expert Mike Holland, wordwallah has an extensive network of writers, editors, proofreaders, and indexers – each with at least ten years’ experience in their field. You receive exactly what you ordered, on time and within budget.


Wordwallah will begin your project by working closely with your key decision makers to develop a comprehensive schedule of activity, setting out key objectives and milestones by which to measure project success.

We log all communications and provide you with regular updates as your project unfolds.

Should your project require additions, alterations or changes to the original brief, we will confirm these with you in writing as soon as they become apparent (so there are no surprises at the end of the project).

Editorial Services
Editorial Services
Editorial contract staff
In-house or virtual. For a week, a month, a year.
Web content, marketing copy, newsletters, articles, reports, fact sheets, capability statements, case studies and summaries.
Social media marketing & management
We not only write content, but we also set up and manage social media pages, distributing the content across sites.
Marketing collateral
We craft brochures, flyers, and marketing copy that sells.
We have extensive experience in producing winning tender responses.
Plain language rewriting
Turning complex, bureaucratic or technical material into clear, readable content.
Copy editing and substantive/structural editing.
Checking the final PDF proof after the document has been laid out.
Annual reports, journals, books, databases, websites & online help.
Communications project management
We can supervise all stages of your production process, from writing and editing to design, printing and distribution.


All Wordwallah team members have at least ten years’ experience in their field to ensure your project always achieves the highest levels of excellence. We provide:
we have the resources to quickly replace personnel should a team member drop out due to unforeseen circumstances
ultimate flexibility
we can easily accommodate shifting or shortened timeframes
specialised expertise
Wordwallah can provide specific expertise in numerous vertical markets.

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For more information, call Mike Holland on 0414 394 440 or send an email to info@wordwallah.com
Wordwallah is based in Sydney, Australia