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December 19, 2018
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January 15, 2019

Don’t just be good – be great

Writing good content used to be good enough, but with so much now at our fingertips, if you want to get noticed you have to create great content.

It’s not easy churning out information week in, week out, and when you have to create something often out of nothing, finding an angle, catchphrase or simply words that are going to push your content to the top tier, it can be frustrating, tiring and uninspiring.

There are millions of blog posts, twitter feeds, and Facebook posts generated every day around the world, and according to marketing companies who analyse the backend of all this content generation, only around 25 per cent get the kind of traction that can generate internet chatter on a wider scale.

In 2015 Forbes Magazine published an article which looked at how all kinds of content was being shared around the world. It stated that from 100,000 randomly selected posts, 50 per cent had two or less Twitter shares or Facebook interactions, no shares on LinkedIn and 75 per cent had no external links.

What this all means is that most content on the internet is going unnoticed and opportunities are being missed, so if you’re not making top-performing content you’re really wasting your time.

But how do you make great content rather than good content? It seems that if you want to go above and beyond the standard that has already been set, you’ve got to do a little more than just writing unique content, you have to consider how you’re going to present it, follow it up, and back it up.
A catchy title, or headline may get readers to stop and take notice, but if the first sentence doesn’t grab your readers’ attention, then you’ve already lost. Market analysist, Buzzsumo, found there are a number of simple techniques that can lift your content from good to great, and even outstanding, without having to invest too much more time.

Firstly, use research-backed content – things like data, statistics and expert quotes – it seems lots of us may not have liked Maths at school but we love to see numbers on the net. With so much ‘fake news’ on the worldwide web, being factual gives you an edge in credibility.

The format you choose for your content can also be instrumental. After sampling more than 750,000 posts, the study found the content that generated the most hits were list posts, videos, how-to posts, why posts and infographics.

Everything old is new again in the cyber world so although you may be rehashing old news, try a different angle. Address topics that your competition may overlook, and don’t be afraid to have an opinion, but ensure that you can back it up with those facts and figures.

The research found that content hosted on domains that are seen as authoritative tend to get more links and shares and as your site becomes more popular, you’ll also start to build up on those links and shares. From there you can boost any social media channel with a more strategic social media marketing campaign.
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