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March 15, 2019
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March 27, 2019

Copy that – five reasons to hire a copywriter

If you own your own business, it’s more than likely you outsource a lot of tasks to others more qualified. You hire an accountant to do your tax, a graphic designer to create a logo, a plumber to fix the toilet.

However, there’s probably one thing you think you can manage on your own – copywriting. After all, everyone can write, right?

Not necessarily. Most of us can use a pair of scissors but it doesn’t mean we can cut someone’s hair. Writing is a skill that needs to be practiced, but there’s often not enough time to master it if you’re busy looking after the other aspects of your business.

Writing is often thrown into the process at the last minute – an afterthought hastily completed after the rest of a project is finished and, if you’re a business owner, writing can be time-consuming and intimidating.
There are a few other reasons for hiring a professional copywriter that can free up your time and add value to what you’re doing.

1. Grammar issues – bygone
Grammar, spelling and punctuation are tricky and it’s easy to make mistakes. Copywriters are trained to know what words to use, where to put in that punctuation mark and what the grammatically correct way to structure a sentence is. In addition, many copywriters may also have copyeditors who can then look through the content to catch any little mistakes that make it through. Grammar is vital when it comes to creating good SEO content as well.

2. A copywriter knows how to write persuasive content
When it comes to engaging an audience, you want to make sure your writing is not just grammatically correct but persuasive as well. A well-written piece of persuasive content can help close a deal, send sales soaring or convince a client to take a chance. Copywriters know the importance of creating persuasive content for their clients without focusing heavily on sales-speech, which is a trap that is too easy to fall into.

3. Sometimes there is such a thing as being ‘too close’ to a topic
You might think that being very close to your industry is helpful when it comes to creating copy, but this can actually be detrimental. When you’re too close to your industry, you might not realise how confusing the jargon you may use is to those who aren’t in the biz. As well, when writing about your own business and services, you might find it hard to be objective. A copywriter can break down the information so anyone can understand it.

4. Copywriters know the importance of variation in content
Writing content means you need to know the importance of variation, especially when it comes to content length. While longer content is still the most popular with SEO, remember that variety is the spice of life so medium and short, sharp content helps to keep readers engaged. A copywriter can make sure all your content is written to different lengths to add variety to your communications.

5. A copywriter will know how to help craft different content formats
Creating copy doesn’t just mean writing blog posts and web content, but also creating ideas for multiple formats. You can find copywriters that have training in helping create infographics, videos, and images that help drive engagement on your social channels and blog. In fact, a copywriter can easily write a blog piece that can then be broken down into different formats, repurposing your content and getting it out to a wider audience.
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