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September 27, 2018
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October 31, 2018

Choosing the right editor can save you time and money

Value vs. price

When choosing a writer or editor, it’s important to look at various elements, not just the quoted price.

For example, if two editors quote an hourly rate of $60 and $120 respectively – it doesn’t necessarily follow that one is twice as expensive as the other. The $120ph editor may be twice as fast as the $60ph editor. They may also be more experienced and efficient, which means you spend less time answering questions, sending drafts back for revision etc. Remember your time on the project needs to be added to the equation, so the less you need to be involved, the more productive you can be in other areas.
Do they work on their own or in a team?

Having an editorial team at your disposal provides the following advantages:
• Specific expertise/skills for specialised subjects – saving you time trying to find the most suitable person for the job.
• What happens if they get hit by a bus? Is there someone who can take over? What if the project is put on hold halfway through? When it’s time to resume, will your writer or editor be available or will you have to start from scratch and find someone else?
• A team can handle all the elements of your project – from writing, editing and indexing to graphic design and print production. This saves you time because you only need one point of contact instead of three or four.
• Insurance: Litigation is becoming more and more common these days. Does your editor have professional indemnity insurance?

Thinking of hiring a writer or editor?

If the work is on-going, should you hire full-time or contract editorial staff? There are numerous advantages to hiring contract writers or editors:
• You only pay for the work they do
• The hourly rate is lower than it is for one-off projects
• You don’t pay annual leave, sick leave or parental leave
• You don’t pay employee tax and superannuation (we do that for you)
• They can work on-site or from home (useful if space is limited)
• If your department has a cap on staff levels – contract editorial staff come under expenses, not Human Resources.

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