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August 19, 2020
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June 9, 2022

Advantages of hiring contract editorial staff

COVID-19, like other disruptive worldwide occurrences, has saddled many businesses with financial instability and halted staffing levels. On the other hand, the pandemic has prompted businesses to reconsider and adjust their business strategies, which requires considerable commitment and adaptability.

"Particular to writing and editing, contract solutions in Australia is an appealing proposition during this period of continued instability. They allow you to easily acquire someone with specialized talents to satisfy a short-term demand without incurring the long-term costs of hiring a regular employee," connotes business analyst, editor, and SEO strategist Christian Green of Write Fuel.

Here are some of the most significant advantages businesses get from hiring independent contract writers and editors:

1. Long-term cost savings
Contract writers and editors can help you save money on most of the expenses of recruiting permanent employees. While contract writers and editors are sometimes paid more than full-time employees, they generally do not get health coverage, paid vacations, or paid sick leave. Contractors, or their agencies, are responsible for their taxes and superannuation.

Furthermore, there are fewer costs involved with recruiting, training, and career learning when hiring contract writers and editors with a particular skill set.

2. Reduced hiring process
Hiring contract writers and editors have generally been a much faster procedure – and that it should be! Rather than focusing on long-term employability, it would be best to look for candidates who have the technical abilities to complete a given task.

3. Confidentiality
Even though contract writers and editors are only with your business for a limited time, they are still required to sign your compliance with all applicable laws and any other essential legal paperwork. Confidentiality agreements, norms of behaviour, and contracts are examples of this.

Contract writers and editors should not begin working until everything has been signed off appropriately. If anything goes wrong, this protects both your business and the contractor.

4. Immediate effect
The premise that contract writers and editors are only in for a specified duration means they must make an immediate contribution. Be cordial, but keep in mind that you won't be spending weeks trying to adjust them to the workplace, introducing them to each employee, and coaching them on a range of platforms. Of course, they must be allowed a smooth transition, but they aren't your permanent employees.

5. New points of view
Sometimes, it takes one outsider to transform a company's business operation for the better entirely. The more contract writers and editors you recruit, the more diverse opinions you'll acquire.
6. Support the sustainability of your business
When finances and profits are critical, hiring contract writers and editors may safeguard profitability. You may choose to omit paid holidays or sick leave when hiring these temporary workers, and they are generally responsible for their own insurance, taxes and superannuation. Eventually, this saves valuable payroll expenditures so that you may spend more on compensation and benefits for your workforce.

7. Extensive experience in a specific niche
Contract writers and editors often have a narrow skill set and work on specialized tasks. Having a highly-skilled person on your team may be pretty beneficial to moving your company ahead.

8. Flexibility
Perhaps the most well-known advantage of working with contract writers and editors is flexibility. They provide you with the flexibility to adapt to business needs and specifications as they arise. They're accustomed to working in various settings, for a variety of personalities, and for varying lengths of time. Additionally, contract writers and editors can work remotely, allowing more flexibility in costs, office space and use of tools and other resources.

Where to find the best contract writers and editors?
Wordwallah is home to skilled contract off-site editorial and content writing services that would be ideal for your business or organization.

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