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5 tips for increasing your productivity while working from home

Are you making the most of your spare time or reduced workload during the pandemic? It's okay if you're not because this time is a more stressful situation than most of us have ever experienced.

Maybe you find it a challenge to be as focused or as productive as you used to be. Whether it's because you're used to a routine or finding this to be a challenge, you're not alone.

As tech giants and other businesses are offering the ability to completely work-from-home going forward, it stands to reason that many other companies will follow suit.

Adapting to this unique environment is not easy, so if you're looking for advice on how to make the shift, we're here for you. Below is a list of several micro-changes you can make to level up to a work-from-home pro.

1. Plan your day
Okay, this one may be obvious, but sticking to a plan is harder than it seems. It is invaluable to have already prioritized your most important tasks. Start with a list of the most challenging tasks or the ones with the most pressing deadlines. From there, fill your day with larger chunks of time dedicated to these tasks.

Take care of yourself, too. Schedule wellness breaks or stretches similar to grabbing coffee with your work friends. It's a great way to reduce stress and back pain that can come with temporary office setups.
2. Change your language
We can all be guilty of saying things like 'I should take a break' or 'I should make a snack'. Giving in to these thoughts eats away at your productivity.

Try to use more direct language. Using action-oriented speech with words like 'will' or 'can'. Frame the things you want or need to do as actions, and you'll be much more motivated to complete them.

3. Acknowledge your rhythm
You already know that it's not possible to be productive 24/7. That's why we have weekends and vacations, after all. Only now – we're also removed from routine commutes and a regular rhythm at the office.

Living where you work presents a new challenge. You feel obligated to be in your makeshift workspace continually. Things like writer's block or creative block can affect anyone, and soon your timeline runs off track. It's okay if things take different amounts of time than they did in the office. You might even notice that some things are more comfortable to do.

4. Automate a process
Technology is continuously advancing, and there's a new gadget or app released almost every day. Automating tasks and processes can allow you to focus your time elsewhere.

Now you don't have to spend time on things you aren't interested in or processes that are just plain boring. You might consider ActiveCampaign for email automation or even creating a good stock of templates for newsletters and other articles. Saving future time is almost as good as automation.

5. Limit distractions and set boundaries
At home, there are endless distractions. Social media is continually pinging with notifications, and there's TV, children, and spouses. Of course, you cannot eliminate every single distraction, but limiting them will help you focus on your work.

Sometimes what it takes is going offline, shut off the TV and even your phone – especially your phone! If you're starting to feel isolated, make use of many free video-calling programs like Zoom to get in touch with a loved one or a friend.

If nothing else, take time to get outside. Breathing in some fresh air can help reduce stress and clear your thoughts. Using the above five tips for increasing your productivity, you will quickly see that pile of work dwindle to nothing.
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