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April 22, 2020
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5 Steps to up your email communication game

The average workplace is overwhelmed with a constant stream of emails. Your office likely uses email as its main source of internal and external communication. Companies are doing their best to drive the quantity down but is that really needed? Work is getting ever busier, less communication can’t be the only answer.

How do you avoid having your employees feeling overwhelmed while keeping them updated on your ever-changing business? With content-focused emails that matter, save the instant messaging for the IM platforms.

Here are five ways you can improve your email communication game.

1. Get your email signature working for you.
We often roll with the standardized corporate email signature. You’re already likely including your title and maybe the direct line to your cell phone, but have you considered adding in your social media? Giving your connections lots of options to communicate with you lets them use the platform they feel the most confident in.

Communication is made easier when you have the right channels at your disposal. Consider adding your LinkedIn or personal website the next time you update your signature.

2. Craft your subject line
More often than not, the subject line is the way we filter emails. The quick glance at the topic of the email should give you enough information to act on. Whether it’s a catchy sales hook or your boss’s latest dad joke.

A boring subject line is a prelude to a boring email. As the preview of an email, an attractive and attention-grabbing subject line is more likely to engage the reader.
3. Does this message need to be an email?
Emails continue to be a source of stress in the modern workplace. Have you considered whether you’re using the most effective channel for this communication?

By taking an extra moment to determine if this email is necessary or if you could just IM the person over Hangouts or Skype. This small amount of effort will make an impact on the overall office morale.

4. Electronic communication and tone
How we communicate in person is vastly different from the digital world. Face to face we can hear inflection and tone. You see body language and facial expressions, which give you further insight. It’s estimated that more than half of how we communicate is through body language alone.

Communicating over email has a lot of limitations in comparison.

Bad Example:

Meeting at 8 a.m. tomorrow, bring Janet.

Good Example:
Hi Kyle,

It’s Janet’s first day tomorrow. Could you help her find my office tomorrow and we can all grab coffee?

Thank you!

5. Proofread your emails, always
Before you hit ‘Send’, take the time to make sure your message does not contain typos. If this message is going to a new client consider using a grammar checker to make sure you and your company sound your best.

Simple typos in a sales pitch could sink your future efforts. Using a read-aloud feature is a great way to catch mistakes that make you look unprofessional or may even change the meaning of your intended message.

By implementing some discretion and an extra step or two, you can make sure your emails are reaching their audience. These tips will make your emails more impactful, benefitting you long-term.
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